14. communication and collaboration models

EXERCISE 14.5 [extra - not in book]

Is face-to-face communication a useful model for computer-mediated communication? Justify your position.

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Computer-mediated is poorer than face to face - tends to lose one or more of gestures, body language, eye contact, back channels. Attempts have been made to address this problem in CMC. For example, emoticons are symbols introduced into text based communication to indicate mood. They are needed because of the lack of back channels, facial expressions, tone of voice and gesture which indicate this in face to face communication. However these are only effective if participants share understanding of their meaning. Other ways of enhancing CMC are to include video and audio, which are richer than text but not still not as rich as face to face. After consideration of these issues the likely conclusion is that CMC is unlikely to match the complexity and richness of face to face, but that it may still be useful as a form to emulate

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