19. groupware

EXERCISE 19.16 [extra - not in book]

"Email is an example of asynchronous-remote groupware supporting direct communication." What do you understand by the above sentence?

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(a) Email is received some time after it is sent and doesn't require users to be working at the same time; it is therefore an asynchronous (different time) groupware.

Email may be sent to people anywhere in the world; it is therefore primarily a remote (different place) form of communication.

Email is a form of direct communication, as users explicitly send messages, as opposed to indirect communication when, for example, users share files.

A good answer may note some caveats to the above - email can be used between people in the same office (local rather than remote) and with very quick, almost talk-style, interaction (synchronous). Furthermore, the sending of attached documents may form part of an indirect communication through the artefact.

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