19. groupware

EXERCISE 19.17 [extra - not in book]

Recall the diagram in this figure is called the 'time–space matrix'

Figure. Time–Space Matrix

  1. Give a short definition of each of the headings
  2. For each of the four areas of the diagram, give an appropriate example of everyday communication or cooperation.
  3. Explain briefly where you would place the following in the matrix: Facebook wall, internet chat, Twitter

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  1. co-located – people same place
    remote – people at different places
    synchronous – people at same time
    asynchronous – people at different times
  2. synchronous co-located – face-to-face conversation
    synchronous remote – telephone
    asynchronous co-located – post-it or other note
    asynchronous remote – letter
  3. internet chat – synchronous remote because you usually use it for someone on a different machine, but need to be sending and receiving at the same time
    Facebook wall and Twitter – both asynchronous remote, as you don't expect to be in the same place, and you often see updates long after they have been posted

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