20. ubiquitous computing and augmented realities

EXERCISE 20.8 [extra - not in book]

Dean Whitney theme parks are planning a new family exhibit "Lost in Space". Using virtual reality techniques, family groups will be able to fly in a spacecraft and then land on a simulated planet.

(a) Suggest suitable VR technology to give the family a shared experience.
(b) Describe how these can be used to foster a sense of immersion in the virtual environment.

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Room as simulated cockpit, family can sit on real chairs etc., with realistic instruments and seeing each other. Views of outer space projected onto 'windows' - possibly use portholes, smaller cheaper displays! For landing on surface, could dress each member of family up in full body VR suit (or just head goggles with data gloves) and allow them to move and interact in 3D simulated environment with each member of family having an avatar.

Realistic controls. Force feedback from controls (rattle at take off and landing). Sound effects. Large pistons to move cockpit around. Control and feedback - e.g. press thruster controls and spaceship moves. When in body suits: air blows in windy areas, ability to pick up objects and move around in the virtual space, possibly even alien smells (all bad!).

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