3. the interaction


Describe (in words as well as graphically) the interaction framework introduced in Human-Computer Interaction. Explain how it can be used to explain problems in the dialogue between a user and a computer.

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Pictures of the framework are on page 128 of the book. Symbols should be included for user, system, input and output. Names for the articulation, presentation, performance and observation translations should also be included. The concept of translations between languages should be described, even if the names of the translations are not accurate. Students should mention that the framework can be used to explain where in the overall user/system interaction difficulties take place. The framework will isolate it as a problem with one of the translations. One problem might be the ease with which a particular translation can occur. Another might be that the particular translation involved does not actually cover the the possible translation that is needed by a particular situation. Together, the ease and possibility issues are the main reasons why this framework is useful for doing simple analysis. Students may also mention the relation to Norman's execution/evaluation cycle and how this framework is more detailed on the system side; they may give examples of the use of the framework.

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