5. interaction design basics

EXERCISE 5.10 [extra - not in book]


Abbot Brothers a small building firm has commissioned bespoke quality control software from a user interface consultancy Concept Designs paid on a daily rate.  Assuming Concept Designs employ best practice.

  1. Would you expect that the user interface of the system delivered to Abbot Brothers be flawless?
  2. Justify your answer.
  3. Under what conditions might you change your opinion

answer available for tutors only

  1. No
  2. If the system is too perfect they have probably spent too much time on it.  N.B. if they say Yes to (iii) and can give a good reason why, then they still get the marks!
  3. If the software is to be used by a large number of people with consequently larger budget then one would expect a better interface.  If it were something like Microsoft Office used by countless millions then as near flawless as possible.

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