5. interaction design basics

EXERCISE 5.12 [extra - not in book]

Having bought a ticket a commuter is waiting on the platform for the train.  There is a large display showing train times and destinations (see below).  The commuter wants to get the Bath train. Discuss the current screen design (how good or bad it is) to support scanning across for identifying the platform for a given destination. If you identify design errors, suggest ways to address them .

departures board

answer available for tutors only

Error 1: too short dotted lines, which may be visually appealing since they have equal lengths. Correction: make dotted lines longer so that they connect the destination with the platform number.

Error 2: background of every second line is grey – while helpful of discriminating between consecutive rows, the colour font is also grey which makes it hard to read. Solution: increase the contrast between font and background.

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