5. interaction design basics

EXERCISE 5.8 [extra - not in book]

This question relates to the train both scenario.

After being in use for some while new booths are designed and are about to be deployed.  The original design of the booths is shown in Figure TB1 in the train both scenario.  The new design is shown below.  The new design was chosen to place items more logically so that the up and down buttons (up  and down ) are more like scroll buttons on a screen.  To save money the software is not redesigned as it is 'just' changing the layout of the buttons.  Describe any potential problems that may arise after deploying this new booth.

new train booth design

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OK/Cancel next to each other - may lead to slip and 'dangerous state' of unintentionally buying tickets.

Up/Down buttons a long way from each other so longer of hand movements when selecting things.

Buttons on left hand side mean that right-handed users will obscure the display if they use their dominant hand.

Lack of consistency with old design may lead to problems (weaker so need to argue this well for full mark).


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