9. evaluation techniques


In groups or pairs, use the cognitive walkthrough example, and what you know about user psychology (see Chapter 1), to discuss the design of a computer application of your choice (for example, a word processor or a drawing package). (Hint: Focus your discussion on one or two specific tasks within the application.)


This exercise is intended to give you a feel for using the technique of cognitive walkthrough (CW). CW is described in detail in Chapter 9 and the same format can be used here. It is important to focus on a task that is not too trivial, for example creating a style in a word processing package. Also assume a user who is familiar with the notion of styles (and with applications on the same platform (e.g. Macs, PCs, UNIX, etc.)) but not with the particular word processing package. Attention should be given to instances where the interface fails to support the user in resolving the goal and where it presents false avenues.

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