Human-Computer Interaction 3e Dix, Finlay, Abowd, Beale

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welcome! On this site you will find materials for students, teachers and practitioners using our Human-Computer Interaction textbook.

always in progress ... We do not expect the site to be 'finished' - it is an evolving resource for you and the HCI community. Please tell us what you think.

News! New 4th edition site launched, see New online material, see online!. Additional tutor exercises, see exercises.

On this site ...

General information about the book, the authors and the web site. Also email feedback form - we are always pleased to hear your comments.

Chapter by chapter outlines, links, resources, and exercises.

Material for teaching learning and using the book, including power point slides for all chapters.

Quick access to exercise solutions. Some solutions are currently only available for tutors. Also additional exercises are available for tutors.

Additional online material including extension material, detailed case studies and scenarios used in exercises.

About other editions and translations including mapping between chapters sections in the second and third editions.

Things to try ... and play with ... coming soon ...

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Find things in the book - your instant online HCI encyclopedia!
(N.B. indexing for 3rd edition search not yet complete but 2nd edition search is available)

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