Human-Computer Interaction, 4e

the evolving 4th edition

This is the home of the evolving 4th edition of Human–Computer Interaction

The fourth edition has been a long time coming we know.  We actually wrote parts as far back as 2006, but have struggled to find time to get it finished.  We are intending to get it completed soon .... but this will not be immediately.

However, in the mean time, this is now the world of the web, and so the rigid boundary between the paper editions, it seems, should be a thing of the past.

On this site we will post substantial new material, so that you can use it in your teaching or for personal use. In addition, we will post HCI related material to the blog, add teaching materials, links etc., so that this will evolve to be the new permanent home of the HCI book.

We would really appreciate comments and feedback and this site is deliberately hosted on a CMS so that you can add your comments.  In addition feel free to use the hcibook Facebook page to start discussions.

Of course the day the 4th edition hits the presses we will then start the site of hcibook 5/e ;-)