19. groupware


How effective is the time/space matrix as a tool for classifying and analysing groupware?

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Answer should describe time/space matrix and its use as a tool for classifying and analysing groupware.

Dimensions: co-located/remote and synchronous/asynchronous. Co-located - users in the same place. Remote - users in different places. Synchronous - users working at the same time. Asynchronous - users working at different times. So there are four cells in the matrix.

Example groupware systems: co-located/synchronous - meeting rooms; co-located/asynchronous - argumentation tools; remote/synchronous - video conference; remote/asynchronous - email.

It is effective to a degree, but limited, as several groupware systems fall across the cell boundaries. Answer should discuss this and possible extensions to the matrix - synchronized/unsynchronized classification, concurrent/serial access.

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