Human-Computer Interaction 3e Dix, Finlay, Abowd, Beale



Various materials are available for tutors.

Closed (tutor-only) material

If you would like to obtain an inspection copy, please contact your local Pearson representative. You can find the contact details using the 'Find your rep' page on the Pearson Higher Education site.

There are also additional materials available on this site: as a tutor you can access full answers to all exercises as well as additional exercises. There are also multiple choice questions available.

If you would like access to tutor-only web materials, please ask your local Prentice Hall/Pearson rep to mail for access to tutor-only solutions giving your name, institution and formal email address.

Alternatively mail yourself giving your name, institution, formal email address and ideally a link to university department or course page that links to you with the email. (This is to verify the tutor-only materials are only available to tutors not students). If there is no suitable web page, then you can ask a department head or someone else who has such a page to verify you are a tutor.

Open material

For slides in PowerPoint for all chapters, please see the resources section.

See also the online! section for case studies and additional content.

Video lectures related to parts of the book are available as part of the online course, but are in the process of being moved to the Interaction Design Foundation platform.

Finally, there are some additional materials available that are being developed for a new edition (long overdue!). These are available to you and your students at






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