Human-Computer Interaction, 4e

the evolving 4th edition

Selected new material:

We will post new / heavily revised content here.

Where a new chapter/section is posted, but material heavily overlaps with the existing edition, then these parts will simply be a pointer to the relevant section in the third edition.

If a chapter is not included here it does not mean it is not being revised; but where there is substantial new material we will post it.

Note too that numerical citations in the text (e.g. [99]) refer to the bibliography of the 3rd edition, whereas initial-date ones refer to new citations, (hopefully) included in the relevant chapter/section (e.g. [DF04]).

Note that this is draft material:

  • Please do comment on it, and on the existing text.  What is missing?  What is looking dated?  What do you teach that is in the book? (so that we don’t remove popular material)  What do you teach that isn’t in the book?
  • It still has ‘notes to self’, incomplete references, missing illustrations, etc.  Where any gaps make it difficult to use this material in your teaching or for reference purposes, please let us know and we will attempt to prioritise them.
  • It will change and be updated.  If there is a major change to material that has been updated, that excises some part, then we will leave the excised part online (with a pointer from the relevant chapter/section), so that you can feel confident to teach from this material.  Furthermore URL slugs use names rather than (tentative) new chapter or section numbers, again so that they will persist.

However, do note that when the 4th edition comes out in print, material posted here that is in the print edition will be removed (except maybe sample sections) and replaced with pointers to the relevant chapter/sections in the book.  However, any material, that does not make its way into print will remain online.

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